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We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all people are created equal, regardless of age, race, gender, class, sexuality, geography, citizenship status, and other qualities that often divide us. We believe that all people have certain unalienable rights, that among these are a life free of violence; a high-quality, respectful education that prepares us for our next steps; safe, adequate places to pursue recreation, and activities which develop our skills for our futures. BYOP is an organization of young leaders designed to pursue, establish and protect these truths and rights as necessary.

While some of us are motivated by our faith traditions and the values they foster, ALL of us hold values that are often counter to what the world offers. Amidst the current climate of individualism, materialism, indifference, and inaction, we promote counter-cultural values by:

  • seeking JUSTICE,
  • strengthening DEMOCRACY
  • building COMMUNITY and bridging across differences,
  • increasing YOUTH LEADERSHIP,
  • encouraging RESPONSIBILITY to take action,
  • taking ACTION
  • fostering INTEGRITY, and
  • having RESPECT and COMPASSION towards one another.

NOTE: The Purpose, Vision & Values comes from the Constitution drafted in the Spring of 2001 by the Youth Organizer Team (Jonathan Bruderlein, Rayshawnda Germany, Zalikah Lewis, with a lot of effort from the Constitution Group - Camille Spivey, David Krulewich, Louna Alexandre, Max Prum) and reflects input from many members of BYOP collected through surveys, discussion groups and forums. It was introduced and put into action at the Power to the Youth Campaign Celebration in June 2001.



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